Who we are


Hosting some of the biggest real estate brands on the market, Search Wire is a rapidly growing .com poised to be an industry leader in real estate technology and B2B web services. With more than a half million users and growing, Search Wire has perfected the user experience.

Precise and selective lead generation lends clients an improved ROI while safeguarding users from duplicated sales efforts from numerous advertisers.

Clean, efficient and effective, our business focus was once lead generation for real estate companies. Today, we are expanding our horizons to encompass innovative, reliable brands that can rise up to meet demand when and where it's needed, resulting in an irresistible service experience perfectly polished for today's market.

Our technology and range of products evolves perpetually, and we continue to develop and improve proprietary solutions to solve problems facing our advertisers and users. Our development projects range from general to niche-specific and our unique team of creative professionals uses cutting-edge technologies to build sites and apps customized to fit the needs of our clients and end-users.

We work behind the scenes to help our clients fulfill users' needs, from finding the cream of the crop of competing lenders to making home searches smooth and accurate. Not only are we dedicated to helping end-users, we're committed to keeping you up to date with the latest technologies and designs. As a result, it's easier for you to stay ahead of the competition and capture the highest quality leads.


Mission Statement

There is over 300 million people in the United States and our Goal is to make sure every one of them sees or hears of our brands. Our Mission is simple: make cool brands, help others, and party like we’re at a Zeppelin concert!



Meet the Team


Gabriel Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Pederson

Chief Operating Officer

Roman Titerman

Online Marketing Director

Thomas Reza

Customer Care Manager

Adam Knox

Client Relationship Manager

Sasan Sharafdin

Senior Account Manager

Jack Cash

Senior Account Manager

Grant Cooper

Account Manager

Thomas Gutierrez

Account Manager

Connie Lober

Account Manager

Konner King

Account Manager

Marcus Brown

Account Manager

Mike Johnson

Account Manager

Jul Kohler

Account Manager

Ben Lorier

Account Manager

Ben Johnson

Account Manager

Chris Chruma

Senior Account Manager

Tracey Wrigley

Sales Representative

Jen Donato

Sales Representative

Trish Robinson

Sales Representative

Shiela Mae

User Support Analyst

Mike Dow

Account Analyst


Networking System Manager