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Jeff Cohn, Realtor, Omaha, NE-NP Dodge Company

As one of the top Realtors in my market area, I was skeptical that HudSeeker was going to be able to deliver on their promise of at least one lead a day. I have been blown away by the number of leads, and the quality of the leads, that I have received from you! In just 3 weeks we have secured over 5 buyers that will gross our team almost $20,000 in commissions. We look forward to a bright future ahead partnered with HudSeeker!

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Jessica Griffith, Realtor, Newport Beach, CA-First Team Real Estate

In seeking a lead source for quality buyers in our local Real Estate market, we were approached by Hudseeker and another website service similar to Hudseeker. In putting both companies to the test, we found that Hudseeker provided a higher volume of leads with quality contact information. Within our first 2 months of using Hudseeker, we secured a buyer for a purchase over $900,000 and closed! We continue to work with the leads given and have found that a higher percentage of the leads given by Hudseeker are quality vs. the other company we’d signed up with. We’ve since unsubscribed to the other company and will continue using Hudseeker as our primary source for buyers! No more open houses for us! We in turn, are happy to refer any Realtors looking for a consistent and quality lead source to your site. As your company continues to be on the leading edge of technology with the iPhone application, our number of leads have continued to grow. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship." I would like to further encourage that your site is not for the part time Realtor who allows the leads to waste away. I’m not sure if a Realtor with lack of follow up would affect buyers using your application, but with the level of leads we’ve gotten, Hudseeker creates a full time need for a Realtor (a program with a drip campaign is also highly encouraged!). We use PropertyMinder.com for our drip emails and cross linking with them could definitely open you to a quality Realtor as their system is seems to be utilized by quality Realtors!

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Shawn Lee, Realtor, Seattle, WA Keller Williams Realty

HUD Seeker has been the best paid lead source I've used in years. We have been using them for 6 months now and will continue. Having the experience of working thousands of web leads over the years, these are great! Most of the leads are good if you take the time to follow up with them. They are always exclusive and the clients are happy to hear from us when we call. I expect to close at least 30 transactions from HUD Seeker leads alone this year. The people at HUD Seeker are great to work with and deliver what they promise; I would recommend them to anyone looking to grow their business.

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Anthony J Angelillo, Lender, Florida American Bancshares Mortgage

I have been with HUDSeeker since 2010; one of their first clients! I have successfully closed an average of 15 loans per month. As Manager of the "Lending Group", I currently run a team of Certified and Courteous Loan Officers. We are all using HUDSeeker as our preferred lead "generation" system, which from a cost/benefit analyst exceeds productivity and profitability expectations. I'm very impressed with the professionalism of both: President Gabriel Johnson and Senior Account Executive Nadine Eierman. Their outstanding attention to detail and follow-up is second to none! "Thanks again to everyone at HUDSeeker for a quality program."

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Erin Rundall, Realtor, Des Moines, IA Iowa Realty

If you ever need a referral I'm happy to. I'm so busy I can't keep up with the leads. I converted at least 1 a month sometimes 2.

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Josh Ross, Realtor, Montgomery County, MD Re/Max

I have been working with hudseeker for 7 months now. I have already made over $15,000 & I am actively working with 3 purchasers from the app who total about another $600K in closings.

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Gerry Nicodemus AMCAP Mortgage – North Houston Branch

We’ve been using Search Wire for quite some time now for purchase leads. Great way to supplement our own lead generation campaign. Best thing is their customer service. Our Account Manager, Adam Knox, is always there when needed. Superb service, highly recommended!

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Laurie G Reimer, Realtor, Bloomfield, MI Keller Williams Realty

During my first month of service with SimpleForeclosures.com I was promised 15 leads and I actually received about 30 leads. I did not expect much from the leads, so I was really surprised that the lead quality was actually really good. I have a number of buyers I am working with and I received a lead from a home seller who listed their $900,000 house with me, all in my first month.

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Calvanaugh Hoskins, Lender, Washington, DC Heritage Financial, Inc.

In a world of bogus lead companies with lots of false promises it is refreshing to come across a company that delivers as advertised. I have been in the business for over 15 years and believe it is rare. SimpleForeclosures.com/Search-Wire has an excellent marketing platform that allows lending and real estate professionals to catapult themselves into the internet age effortlessly. It is refreshing to be able to rely on actual real leads to turn into actual closed transactions. Out of my first 5 leads, one turned into an actual purchase transaction of $406,000.00. Calculate that ROI!!! I really appreciate all the hard work that you guys do over there at Search-Wire. You make my life much easier and I am really impressed with your outstanding customer service.

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Steve Turman, Realtor, Henderson, NV Rooftop Realty

I just wanted to give you some feedback on our experiences with your lead service (SimpleForeclosures.com). We have been using this service for approximately 2 months and find the quality of leads, the accuracy of the information developed from the leads, and the price range of their home search to be excellent!

My wife Linda and I, have been real estate agents using various lead services for more than five years. We have used the following services plus some I cannot remember:

  • Realtor.com
  • Trulia
  • Zillow
  • My.ReplayRealEstate.com
  • Market Leader
  • At least 5 others

Your service is the best of the bunch! We still use Trulia, my boss provides us leads from Zillow, but we find your service the best and most cost-effective. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with your company. If anyone is considering using your service, feel free to have them call us with any questions.

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Ed Savarese, Lender, New York, NY The Money Store | 516-232-2405

I have been working with Search Wire leads for a number of years. I am licensed in 28 states. My team focuses our Search Wire leads in New York currently and we are expanding since this is one of our top revenue sources!

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Louis J. Asmo, Realtor, Las Vegas, NV ASPIRE Realty Group

HouseValueStore.com is the first company I have purchased leads from that has helped me guide the purchase price upwards to the level I want. HouseValueStore.com is my #1 source of purchased real estate buyer leads and will remain so.